New Zealand Curriculum Links

Science - Planet Earth and Beyond, Aim 3 solar system, galaxy and universe.
(Although suitable at all Levels, it is particularly appropriate to "Level 4, Achievement Objective 3 (a) use simple technological devices to observe and describe our night sky, e.g., binoculars, simple star maps; (b) investigate and use models which explain the changing spatial relationships of the Earth, its moon, and the Sun, and the way different cultures have used these patterns to describe and measure time, and position, e.g., phases of the Moon, eclipses, tides, seasons, sun clocks.")

Technology - Strand B, Technological Capability
(The Astronomy In Your Hands web site features construction of scientifically accurate paper and cardboard technologies.)

Mathematics - Measurement and Geometry
(The Astronomy In Your Hands web site features use of Terrestial map skills and Stellar map skills, angular measurements, date and time, and understanding the Earth in space as a 3-D system.)

Māori - The web site supports the acknowledgement of tikanga Māori and the valuing of Māori language through a comprehensive and scientifically accurate bilingual Star Wheel.


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