Astronomy In Your Hands activities are special

All our activities are "crash dummy tested" before publication. They have been extensively tested in classrooms before being cleared for publication. You won't feel like a crash dummy when you try them yourself.

Our designs are accurate and reliable, being individualised to every latitude and longitude on Earth if appropriate. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that if you build an Astronomy In Your Hands design it is scientifically correct and adjusted for your location.

All activity sheets and designs are suitable for black and white printing and photocopying so you can produce resources for a class or group at next to no cost. Our documents are supplied in Adobe Acrobat format for optimal print quality.

We have used the New Zealand school curriculum as a guide (see our NZ Curriculum Links). Among the best in the world, the New Zealand curriculum focusses on developing thinking and problem solving right from new entrant (5 years old) to senior high school (18 years old). Our activities are not only fun, they are based on sound educational principles. They get students doing practical science and foster scientific thinking.

We have an email-based support centre for those of you who have trouble with our activities.

We continually strive to improve the quality of our electronic publications, publishing updated versions as we find ways to make them better. Our aim is to provide the best hands-on astronomy activities available in print or on the web.


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