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What other websites are saying about us

"Highly recommended."
Stardome Observatory, Auckland, NZ

"an excellent astronomy education resource for schools"
Australia Telescope Outreach and Education

"Excellent site full of astronomical resources for the home and classroom."
Armagh Planetarium, UK

"Good site... excellent for schools."
Association of Falkirk Astronomers, UK

"high quality material"
Hamilton Amateur Astronomers, Canada

"lots of good material"
Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers, Philadelphia, PA

"a great basic Star Wheel"
Mrs. Krech�s Earth Science Website, Jefferson City, MO


Griffith Observatory Star Award Sept 12 - 18, 2004

The Griffith Observatory Star Awards were established to recognize excellence in web sites that promote public awareness of astronomy. These are the best astronomy sites on the World Wide Web, and they present useful, thorough, and accurate information in a well-organized and attractive way, making the sky more accessible. Awarded to Astronomy In Your Hands September 12-18, 2004

Amateur Astronomy Awards Program - Bronze Award 2005

Amateur Astronomy Awards Program - Award for Excellence Bronze Award for 2005, Awarded to Astronomy In Your Hands February 24, 2005

Critical Mass 

Awarded to Astronomy In Your Hands January 23, 2003