Credit Card payment problems

Our subscriptions are sold by 2CheckOut.

Purchase by credit card only takes a minute or two. Once credit card processing is complete you are logged in to the Astronomy In Your Hands web site automatically, and two confirmation Email messages are sent to you. One confirms your credit card purchase, and one confirms that your subscription is active.

If payment is declined make sure that the name and address you enter is exactly the same as that for your credit card. It may help to refer to a credit card statement to ensure the address is the one the credit card company has on file.

If payment is not declined, but automatic log-in fails, please check your Email. If confirmation of your subscription has arrived, then all is well. Follow the instructions in the Email to log in and start using Astronomy In Your Hands as a subscriber.

If confirmation of your subscription has not arrived, please wait a few minutes. Sometimes it can take several minutes for Email to be delivered. You can also request another copy of the confirmation Email (Be sure to enter the subscriber's Email address. Do not enter the credit card holder's address unless it is the same as the subscriber's.)

If confirmation of your subscription still does not arrive, and your payment was not declined, write to us with full details of your payment. In this case, please allow at least one working day for manual activation of your subscription.

NOTE: Credit card purchases will be sold by Inc, Ohio, U.S.A. Products/services will be provided by